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About Us

About Us

Passionate About Connecting People

Welcome to smart vendor selection and management. In today’s busy world, finding the best business partners can be a time-consuming task. We know that selecting the wrong vendor is costly. Claim Connect IQ was created by insurance professionals who realized a need for a single source that provides information about the service providers we use. We have created a single platform that allows you to research, select and store your business partner information. No more spending thousands of dollars going to conferences or completing google searches that provide no real results and no way to evaluate their service.

All of our Preferred Providers must go through an application process that includes a background check that asks the question you would ask to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. We also provide a review feature for all of the customers to provide real feedback on the company’s services. You can make your selections with input from other industry professionals who have used the vendor and compare those reviews to their competitors.

Once you have selected your partners, keeping all their information in one place can be a challenge. As a Member, you can save your favorite service providers for future use in your member dashboard. Our team can assist you if you need help finding the right service provider or any part of your RFP process. We can help you create your own service provider groups that would work together like attorneys or legal services. We have used the power of analytics to group great partners who can work together to get you the best results.